Established in 2000, SCA has reached its current dimension, in order to grow in a sustainable way, adapting to the committed and responsible project initially conceived by its partners.

We have always maintained a careful management of human resources in order to maximize the productivity and quality of the services provided, always having in mind the best result for the client.

As a multidisciplinary firm, SCA provides general and transversal support to its clients covering most areas of law in a constant search for practical solutions, sustainable and appropriate to the needs of those who seek us.


Most of our clients are SME from multiple areas of activity, and some of them leaders in the segments they integrate, we also have numerous individual clients that seek a service tailored to their singular needs.

An almost common feature to all our clients, is their seniority as beneficiaries of SCA services, during almost two decades of existence, which is reflected in the recognition of our work, in the trust that is deposit in us, and also in a clear vote for a future partnership.



Since its foundation and as a normal consequence of its development, as well as the years of practice of its partners, SCA has created a network of preferential contacts, which has enabled it to choose various specialists from all areas to whom we can resort to optimize the services provided to its Clients.

Thus, SCA has maintained and maintains close and personalized connections with several national and international law firms, always with the aim of providing an integral and quality service to its Clients.

This partnerships policy, has always allowed SCA ADVOGADOS, in a free way, to choose the best for each case, and to treat the interest of our Clients in a personalized way.

It was with this same determination that in 2015 SCA became the Portuguese member of the ABL – Alliance of Business Lawyers.

The integration into ABL allows SCA to ensure, anywhere in the world, the provision of the same personalized and optimized service that has always been its stamp.



SCA firmly incorporates values that it considers inseparable from the practice of advocacy, namely, independence, competence, confidentiality and a dedicated practice.

Our clients’ satisfaction is a priority and simultaneously our main goal, always with scrupulous respect for the ethical and deontological rules of the profession and also of life.

Aware of the problems that Portugal systematically faces, SCA seeks simple and objective solutions, we don’t have the pretension of building beautiful and complex juridical architectures that prolong the anguish of those who look for a simple, fast and clear support with controlled costs.

Is the result of our work, reflected in the satisfaction that our clients transmit us, that allows SCA to grow in a sustainable way, posture that we intend to keep, not yielding to the easy temptation of resignation to our values nor to the option of the easy mercantilist way, clearly incompatible with the values of justice.